-Clear Your Mental SpaceThink about the last time you felt a negative emotion-like stress, anger, or frustrati
It Was Sunday It was already haft past eight when Nick got up in the morning. He put on his clothes hurriedly.
Years ago, I was still a little girl and didn’t have any worries. At least, I thought so. But what happened on
Good afternoon, dear teachers and schoolmates. The new year is coming. What comes to your mind when we say new
本品为中药;对胃病的治疗疗效显著。一般用量每天三次,一次两粒,胃不舒服时可以加服1―2粒。本药品可能会产生一些像恶心、嗜睡等轻微的副作用,症状停药后就会消失。本药品应放在阴凉干燥处。 为了达到满意的效果,使用本药品请务必
Different people have different attitudes towards money.For example, some of the rich are very mean with their
Have you ever asked yourself why children go to school? You will probably say that they go to learn their own
I'm extremely excited now ,In face of new envirenment of study and life ,I must make a good plan for it .Study
It is autumn now, people like this season very much, because it is a harvest season. In the picture, we can se
My Sunday Today is Sunday. I got up very early in the morning. After breakfast I went to the bookstore. I want
Scene I, I select a course of Western Economics. I open my textbook. It’s a work of a famous American economis
A trip to Rio De Janeiro I love travelling. When I was young, my parents always took me to other places to vis
Who gives me birth? Who brings me up? Who dedicates his/her whole life to me? My parents. Who gives me food? W
A new park for children has been set up to welcome' the coming of Children's Day,The park is in the south of o
美国女孩分手写超感人绝交信Dear John,I have been seriously looking back upon our relationship and getting very clear on what
Smoking and HealthWe meet smokers everywhere. There are 6.5 billion people in the world, and about 1.2 billion
炎热的夏天(The Hot Summer)The hot weather is unbearable. People can only enjoy a little coolness early at dawn and
你的短信最特别一周七天的祝福I wish U to have a我祝福你:Sweetest Sunday,甜蜜星期天,Marvelous Monday,美好星期一,Tasty Tuesday,美味星期二,Wonderfu
I have a wide range of interests and enjoy doing many things in my free time.I am a lover of reading. I often
For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Living alone or Living with Roo
My idealist bedroom is beatifuland large.It’s a window on the wall,the window is big.In front of the windou,is
Choose a Particuler Brand for Children You have been asked to recommend a particular brand of bread for use in
1)就业市场紧张 2)对策:鼓励大学毕业生自主创业 3)政府需支持 Nowadays, colleges and universities enroll an increasing number of students
Mehr sagen, sondern auch zu Unsinn .说的再多 、也已然成为了废话。Morgen, die Zukunft, die sich zuerst? 明天 、未来 ,哪一个会先到。would
The first trainToday, the grandmother and grandfather is going to take me to Shanghai to play. Afternoon fathe
one fine morning in summer, four boys--john, tom, ted and peter--were playing football in a wood. all of a sud
A good impression results from a combination of factors which includes your manner of dress, your body languag
Nowadays, going to gym after work is most people’s choice, because they need to be keep fit. The young blue an
预测英语四级作文:学生是否应该学习英语? Why Do Students learn English? [参考范文] English has been getting more and more popular in t
Many years ago, credit card was believed to be the great improvement to facilitate people’s life, since then,
In the past hundred years, there have heen frequent natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, mud-rock flow
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic The Popularity of Bl
This is my bedroom. It’s clean and beautiful. There is a bed on the right. There is a pillow and a quilt on it
Modernization and urbanization bring both benefits and problems. In order to solve the problem of housing, hig
Visitors to the United States are often surprised to learn the great distance from the east coast to the west
Today, when I went shopping with my friends, we found an interesting shop. The shop sold all kinds of postcard
One day, Nancy and Kitty have a picnic in the park, they are very happy. Running and jumping on the grass. The
English is one of the main subjects in our education, it ranks as important as Chinese and math. English is my
-Good manners means good behaviour in social communication. A person with good manners is always agreeable com
-Mother's Loveis the greatest in the world. One evening, it was raining hard and it was very dark outside. Sud
-用小爱做大事Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet
Directions: You live in a room in college which you share with another student. You find it very difficult to
My Classroom My classroom is nice and big . There are forty desks and chairs in the classroom. There are two b
My dormitory room is on the second floor. It is small and crowded. The dark green walls and the dirty white ce
If our bodies are not strong, our spirit to do things will certainly be quite dull. And at the same time, we a
Many years ago, I liked to go to the zoo very much, because I could see all kinds of animals. But since I lear
How to Make the Most out of Youn Textbooks(如何最佳利用课本)1.一些学生不重视课本。2.如何最好地利用课本。[写作导航]先指出有些学生存在对课本不重视的错误观念,然后引出如何最
My favorite subject is English. I like it very much and I am also good at it. At first, I like it least. Or ev
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