July 22th Thursday sunnyToday I came to the city of Bishan,it's a beautiful city.It's the shoes centre of west
Last year, my friend gave me a little dog. I was fond of him very much. I liked to play with him after school
Every morning you can see the sun rising in the east. The sun gives us light. When you stand in the sun you ca
-autumn’s coming.she is in a yellow dress.she is coming across the fields. the fields are yellow now. the whea
“What does a woman want?”, Sigmund Freud, the German psychologist, once conceded, is a great question he was u
Our brain is like muscles. The more you use and exercise it, the stronger it becomes. But, if you want to get
When did sport begin? If sport is, in essence, play, the claim might be made that sport is much older than hum
对未来的预算(My expectation in future) As the song goes “ My future isn’t a dream .” I love the song which brings me
China’s First Spaceman---Yang Liwei Yang Liwei was born in an ordinary family in Liaoning Province in 1965. He
With the development of the Internet and the popularization of computers, shopping on the Internet has become
556. I went to see my doctor for a check-up yesterday. 我昨天想去我的医生那去检查检查。557. The doctor discovered that I’m a
Our City Guangzhou is the capital of Guangzhou. It is the biggest city in south China. And it is one of the mo
Each year there is an increasing number of cars on the roads as millions of new cars are produced. One out of
This contest made people really work for the big prize - but the chance to get VIP tickets to the MTV Europe M
1. Describe the picture2. Deduce the purpose of the drawer of the picture3. Suggest your counter – measures参考作
奥罗牌石英晶体闹钟【内容提示】写一篇文章,介绍奥罗牌石英晶体闹钟(Aoroa Quartz Alarm Clock)。内容包括以下几点:①计时准确,蜂音清晰柔和、悦耳动听;②外形设计别致,多样美观,令人喜爱;③经久耐用,
Today, I began to daydream about going on a diet and losing some weight. As I did so, I unknowingly reached fo
Are you busy every day? I am very busy every day. I often help my mother im my home. I often sweep the floor b
: Open the door,oh,the room is very beautiful!Whose room is this?It’s my room. The bed is near the window.a qu
-乐府沈佺期古意呈补阙乔知之卢家少妇郁金香, 海燕双栖玳瑁梁。九月寒砧催木叶, 十年征戍忆辽阳。白狼河北音书断, 丹凤城南秋夜长。谁为含愁独不见, 更教明月照流黄。----------------------------
<> Today is The Tree Planting Day,I and my classmates go to park to plating trees.Why we planting trees? The z
Last week Chang Feng Park held a flower show. I went to visit it with my friends. I was very glad to see so ma
5岁生日那天,妈妈给我买了一双滑冰鞋。从此我就爱上了滑冰。滑冰不仅锻炼了我的身体,而且还让我学到了很多人生道理。滑冰让我明白了跌倒是很正常的事,只要跌倒了能爬起来,继续往前走,这就是好汉。 Skating Mom bo
Cars and bicycles are similar in that they are both privately owned means of transport.However, there are a lo
My Best Friend.You can organize your writing from the following aspects within 200 words:(a). Introduce your f
in recent years, there is a free economic environment in our country. many people devote all their efforts to
Today is planting day. Our class have a meaningful activity. All of our classmates go to plant flowers outside
The proverb "Haste makes waste" means that one may delay the time to complete one thing if he rushes to do it,
Several days ago, Mother brought home a little cat. I gave her a nice name "Mimi". She is black all over excep
-开头是美化校园、题目:What can we do for our school 正文:Hello,everyone.It'snice to speak about what we can do for our sch
1. One of the pressing problems facing our nation (China) today is overcoming disparities in urban and rural i
作为一名中国人你以什么感到自豪?(What are you proud of as a Chinese?) I am a Chinese, and full of pride. Although our motherla
On Excessive PackagingI assume that you are familiar with the phenomenon of “Excessive Packaging”. Taking a lo
In modern society, pressure is ubiquitous. As students, we have to endure the pressure from examination, from
I never considered myself unique, but people are constantly telling me, “you are a miracle.” To me, I was just
Parents say that children do not show them proper respect and obedience, while children complain that their pa
农业科学(Science of Farming)Today I went to the country to see my uncle. Seeing the green cabbages and the fine wh
At the very end of the Joint University Entrance Exam, journalists always get a funny answer from graduated st
-京报网讯(记者 袁京)全国人力资源市场高校毕业生就业服务周昨天启动。在此期间,各地将举办上百场现场和网络招聘会,预计招聘69.5万人。应届高校毕业生可免费参加招聘会。本市研究生专场招聘会将于本月23日在北京市毕业生就业
Letter writing exists in many sides, such as messages in the newspaper, the Internet, magazines and books. Let
If you smoke and you still don't believe that there's a definite link between smoking and bronchial troubles,
To be or not to be punctual is a habit. We often fail to appreciate the influence of habit in our life. Habit
I like for you to be stillit is as through you are absentand you hear me from far away and my voice does not t
-1My dearest Mother,The mother‘s day is coming and I would like to say "Happy mother‘s day" in this letter. I
1995年1月四级作文题及范文 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Can
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