-hi! good friends. my name is susie. i’m ten years old. this is my pet. it’s a turtle. he is also ten years ol
A recent survey shows that different people hold different attitudes towards whether science and arts educatio
Today, as the media are so developed, people get famous much easier than before. As the celebrities, they earn
Hello! I’m a future robot. My name is mini. I have two small eyes, a small nose and a very big mouth. I can re
In my memory, though my hometown is a small village, it is very beautiful. When I was small, I liked to caught
Currently, when you are walking in the street, you will find some strange names of shops and restaurants on bo
Remembering My Grade School Days-回忆我的中学生活 第一篇: I began school at seven in accordance with the law in a remote
Since I entered college I have felt a great burden off my mind and I just want to relax. So do my classmates.
-the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, which is caused by the rotation of the earth as you all know.
摘 要:教学评价的方法有许多,鼓励性、引导性的评价会对教学起积极的作用。兴趣是最好的老师,有了浓厚的学习兴趣,才能使学生积极主动的学习;才能使学生对学习英语建立自信心;才能激起学生强烈学习英语的内在动力,从而有效地促进英
School Sports Meeting 校运动会Last month we had a sports meeting. Though the weather wasn't very fine that day, th
-Topic 2Nowadays,network games are popular among college students. Many play network games in their spare time
Integrity What is integrity? Integrity is a good quality of being honest. It is a fine virtue for everyone. A
Overpopulation the large number of our population has become one of the most serious problems of our society.
On Building a Paper FactoryA British company wants to build a paper factory in our city. But opinions are diff
请假条(Written Request for Leave)假如你是张海,刚收到一封母亲病重,催你立即回家的信。为此你想从10月9日起请假三天。请你用英语给王老师写一张事假条,请求批准。(词数:50个左右)参考答案 英语
养宠物的利与弊Nowadays, alomost every family has a dog or a cat as a pet.Because the can bring us happinese.When we h
In order to improve our English, my friend and I decide to wake up early and practice our spoken English. At f
My dear, only fifteen minutes left! Maybe the bus would never come. If I waited here a little longer, undoubte
Are you busy every day? I am very busy every day. I often help my mother im my home. I often sweep the floor b
We are supposed to express our gratitude to others on Thanksgiving Day. However, we should feel gratitude ever
论压力(On Stress)Direction: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic On Stres
出国留学已成为一种潮流,请你就此问题谈一谈自己的观点,简要论述留学的利与弊。词数为100左右。 Going Abroad Nowadays study abroad is very popular. Even some
们在上学期间面临无数次的考试,有时我们会成功,有时会失败。如果想考的好,必须平时认认真真地学习,把知识掌握的牢固,那样我们一定会成功。We experinece countless exams when we are s
Friendship means being friendly to each other or making friends with one another. Human beings are social anim
Nowadays, it is a commonplace that children own startle amount of pocket money. These new moneybags never earn
It has been over 100 years since the very first plane, invented by the Wright Brothers, flew into the sky. The
-The air we breathe is so freely available that we take it for granted. Yet without it we could not survive mo
Liu Xiang, a Shanghai native, was born on July 13, 1983. His height is 188cm , weight 74kg . Singing and the c
我喜欢和爸爸做游戏。那还是我很小的时候,爸爸下班回来就和我做游戏,那是我最快乐的时光。现在长大了,我依然向往与父亲做游戏的时光。Play Game with FatherI like playing games with
Spring comes at last. Everything begins to grow. The trees turn green, and the flowers come out. On the playgr
喜欢的报纸(My Favorite Newspaper)21st Century is my favorite newspaper. It is an English language newspaper which i
Are You a Good Tipper?你知道怎么给小费吗?(中英版) You're out to dinner. The food was delicious and the service was fine. Y
Bicycle An Important Means of Trans As is known to all, China is popular for its emperor of bicycles. This is
-京报网讯(记者 袁京)全国人力资源市场高校毕业生就业服务周昨天启动。在此期间,各地将举办上百场现场和网络招聘会,预计招聘69.5万人。应届高校毕业生可免费参加招聘会。本市研究生专场招聘会将于本月23日在北京市毕业生就业
These days we often hear our children groaning(呻吟) under the pressure of an ever increasing burden of their st
Have you read the news about Yang Lijuan in the newspaper? She is a girl of 28. In 1994 she bacame interested
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a friend who will come to your city
Water is very important to us. If you don’t have water for three days, you will die. We can use water for flow
Mr O is my math teacher.He is 26 now.He is very kind and he always very funny.And he has responsibility.Someti
Directions: A.Title: Globle shortage of Fresh Water B.Time Limit:40 minutes C.Word Limit:150 words D. Your com
Valentine's day, looking at one couple out the door, I really, very upset. Because mom and dad out the valenti
With the rapid development of Chinese economic and the improvement of living standards of ordinary people, mor
Today, I still went to my mother's office. My mother was very busy, so was my father. They always live in Beij
Some people have seen the sea, but others haven't. The sea looks beautiful on a fine day. But it can be very r
Summer is a hot season, the temperature reacches the hightest hight of a year.Each kind of creatures in the na
Dear Mary,We shall go to Chongqing Museum to visit the spaceship Yang Liwei took in the space on Children's Da
Human Life as a PoemIthink that from a biological standpoint, human life almost reads like a poem. It hasits o
解决问题的方法. e.g: [1]. While it cannot be solved immediately, still there are ways. The most popular is .... Anoth
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