My name is Tess. I am a girl and in my fourteen years old. I am studying in QianshanFirstMiddle School. I stud
Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything this holiday season! 爸爸妈妈:值此佳节,感谢您们所给予的一切。 I'll be home to enjoy this Ch
A brief introduction to a tourist attracti Hello, everyone! Welcome to Dali City, and I'm sure you will enjoy
Global Shortage of Fresh Water1. 人们以为淡水是取之不尽的(提示:雨水、河水、井水……)。2. 实际上淡水是非常紧缺的(提示:人口增加、工业用水增加、污染……)。3. 我们应该怎么办。 I
This is my summer vacation. I intend to finish the operation. Then, take a look at China's famous novel. Look
Nowaday, The number of the traffic accidents has been growing in recent years. In 2004, up to 570,000 road acc
All of us need friends. When you get into trouble, you need friends to help you. When you are happy, you need
Do you know my hobby? My hobby is collecting stuffed animals. The frist one I ever got was a penguin stuffed a
-事务信函概述不同的事务信函要达到的目的各不相同,例如求职信、拒聘信、 询问信、投诉信等等。事务信函书写的好坏关系到事务洽谈的成败。因此,写事务信函时,要具有高超的驾驭语言的能力,按固定格式写。事务信函的格式由八个部分构
The time i woke up this morning was already 7 o'clock. I immediately wased my face and rushed to the school wi
When we talk to other people, we will be pleased to chat with them if they are nice to us. On the contrary, if
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Is it Wise to Give Prese
Today pollution is a very serious international problem. Almost everything is polluted in the world.With the d
Population to Be Curbed (A) Nothing in today's world is as big a problem as that of population. People begin
I am greatly interested in chatting on the net, especially in English. I still remembered the first time when
给母亲的信【内容提示】1)下面是一段对话。根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项是多余的。Jane is not well. She is at the doctor's.Doctor:
My Class There are thirty-three students in my class. They are all my classmates and friends. Five of them are
We are supposed to express our gratitude to others on Thanksgiving Day. However, we should feel gratitude ever
May Day is coming. We have a long holiday. We are very happy. Because we can play games or visit our friends d
There's a big library in our school. There' re many different kinds of books in it. Miss Yang works there. She
我的爸爸(My Father) Hi, my name is Cindy. I have a good father. I like him very much. My father is a policeman. He
欣赏歌剧(Going to the Opera)Tonight was the first showing of the opera ''La Traviata''( The Lost Lady )at Dr. Sun
-Going to the Museums-参观博物馆During a long vacation, I usually like to go to see the exhibits in one of a great
i am greatly interested in chatting on the net, especially in english. i still remembered the first time when
If I were a teacher, I would not treat my students just as some know-nothing kids. I wouldn't give them homewo
My Interesting Mother My mother is very beautiful. She is thirty years old. She has big eyes .She is short and
I was always a little in awe of Great-aunt Stephina Roos. Indeed, as children we were all frankly terrified of
Planting TreesIt was fine on March 12 , 2001 . I got up early that day . All the students in our school went t
Lin Tao usually goes to the zoo with his parents. He likes to see animals. In his room there are many toys. Mo
China says launch of Shenzhou VIII successful神舟八号飞船成功发射升空BEIJING - Commander-in-chief of China's manned space
的姑妈(my aunt)I have an aunt who likes dressing up very much. She has two big eyes, long black hair.She has live
The moon is an unfriendly place. So there is neither air nor water,nor life of any kind. There is not much var
There is a new market near my house. My mother often goes there and buys what we need for our meals. But I had
Human beings are different from animals in many ways. One of the differences is the ability of human beings to
Always be careful to never miss your exit. If you miss your exit, do not stop and never back up on the highway
Chinese Names中国人的名字Chinese people usually have two word or three word names: the family name, a middle name an
I love spring, but in Shaoxing it often rains, I can fly kites in the playground ,and I can wear my beautiful
今天是3月8日Women节.⒈你先要去超市买东西(蔬菜瓜果类).⒉然后回家打扫房子,做饭.⒊妈妈回来要给她一个惊喜.(1)可适当增加细节(2)短文意思连贯通顺,语法规范,70词左右。Today is March 8th.
- 以下是短文写作中使用率最高、覆盖面最广的基本句式,每组句式的功能相同或相似,考生可根据自己的情况选择其中的1-2个,做到能够熟练正确地仿写或套用。1.表示原因 1)There are three reasons fo
Helen Keller Helen Keller lived in the USA. She was a great woman. Helen was blind and deaf. She couldn’t see
Olympic Games hold every four years and I like to watch the matches so much. People always pay much attention
The bell rang and the class was over. The classroom became noisy. Some students went out of the classroom. I w
钱about money是我们生活中必不可少的东西,当我们有许多钱的时候,我们才能过上富足的生活。大多数认为只要有钱,我们能做任何事。我认为不是这样。一些人虽然有钱但他们不快乐,因为他们的钱是以不正当的方式得来的,他们总
this is the way i maked all the students monday. tom and i went to simon's office. suddenly, i was s
Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air. It is the season for baseball which is often called
Are you allowed to get the ears pierced at your school ? Are you allowed to bring mobile phones to school ?The
Since it's almost the end of our middle years. Last Friday afternoon, we had our last class meeting in our cla
Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic My view on the N
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