I like dogs.Many people like dogs.Dogs and people are friends.Some dogs also do different linds of work.Dogs a
Sample for Band 4 Population to Be Curbed (A) Nothing in today's world is as big a problem as that of populati
My Cousin My cousin is from America. He is a boy of fifteen. He came to Shanghai with his parents a year ago.
eight years ago i was a junk food addict. the delivery drivers from papa john's and the chinese food joint co
Burning Rubbish Is Harmful to People A few days ago, I went to the railway station to see my friend off. On th
It's snowing very hard, The sky is dark and gloomy. The ground is covered with white snow. A cold wind is blow
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Credit Cards. You
World Peace2003级 高二(7)班 阮瑶Iraq is a part of the Middle East next to Iran & Kuwait. It is very important to the
-Traveling with a Companion Traveling can be wonderful. It introduces us to new experiences, broadens our mind
Cars Are hie Most Important Transportation Tools in the United StatesCars Are the Most Important Transportatio
根据下面的提示,以“Talking about Having Sports”为题编写一段对话(字数:80--120)。提示:Susan每天下午参加体育活动。她喜欢游泳,每星期游泳一次。David在中学时代也常游泳,但现在
亮点句型The popularity of “A World without Thieves” and mounting concerns about its negative impact upon children,
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Skipping Classes on
-1. performance (n.) 人业绩、表现his performance this month has been less than satisfactory.他这个月的业绩不是很令人满意。2. perfor
Have you ever wondered about the stars? In some ways, stars are like people. They are born, then grow old, and
I Love Panyu My name is Sandy. I live in Panyu. I love my hometown. Panyu is a beautiful place. In summer, it’
McDonald's In 1955, a man named Raymond Kroc entered a partnership with two brothers named McDonald. They open
When I was three years old, my mother hired a tutor to teach me piano. It is such a classic story that every p
Fishing My father likes fishing. He always goes fishing with his friends in Autumn. One day, he took me to fis
Chairman Mao once made a famous remark about competition, “To battle with God is great fun! To battle with Ear
In order to enhance the international culture exchanges and cooperation, widen the scope of training talent, D
A Five Workday Week A five-workday week was officially adopted across China in May 1995. It got an immediate w
One fine morning in summer, four boys–John, Tom, Ted and Peter–were playing football in a wood. All of a sudde
爱唠叨的妈妈My mother which is good, too nagging, in my ear all day talk about again and again that this talk about
第一篇: The hair style of high school students has been a controversial issue for many years. The prescribed plai
Women Equality With Men妇女要求男女平等Where was a time when, if a lady got into a crowded bus or train, a gentleman w
Raise your head on August 19 and gaze at the stars, you will find something romantic going on in the sky.VALEN
距离6月份的四级考试还有大概一个月的时间,根据往年四级试题的特点,预测今年6月份的写作命题主要有如下趋势,请广大考生注意! 第 1 页:校园生活类 第 2 页:网络科技类 第 3距离6月份的四级考试还有大概一个月的时间,
例如你是李华,最近收到朋友林涛的来信.他在信中向你倾诉了他作为体育特长生的苦恼: 他因为经常参加体育训练而导致文化课成绩比较低,因此受到一些同学的嘲笑,这使他感到很自卑.请你根据以下要点提示给他写一封120词左右的回信,
My Favourite Teacher Hello,my name is Steven. I have many good teachers, but my favourite teacher is Miss Li.
Cindy,Sarah,Kirsty and sally’s school hoilday is coming .they’re talking about their school hoilday.Cindy:Tomo
In my opinion,my father is the busiest person in the family.He works at a university.Besides giving lectures,h
Miscellaneous observations on a topic are not enough to make an accomplished academic essay. An essay should h
In my opinion,my best friend changed my attitude towards life. She is an opitimistic girl, she always appears
On the Bus This afternoon I went to see my grandma by bus. It was very crowded. I had to stand. Beside me was
Home education, or home schooling, is a phenomenon which is both old and now. It may seem to many like a stran
Modes of Travelling1.有人选择随团旅游,有人喜欢独自出游2.随团旅游和独自出游的利与弊3.对我而言,最佳的旅游方式是……【精彩范文】Modes of TravellingCollege student
My grandmother became a widow in 1970. Shortly after that, we went to the animal shelter to pick out a puppy t
like playing basketball .It’s very interesting . I often play it with my friends. It’s a team work.. Everyone
-whether listening test in NMET should be kept or canceled The students of our school had a discussion about w
A Sad Story Last Monday when I stepped into my classroom, my monitor told us that our class teacher, Mr Sun, h
Last Sunday, my sister and I visited the Tianjin Zoo. We had a good time there. Early that morning, we got to
The Lunar New YearThe Lunar New Year is a great occasion to the Chinese people. It lasts about the first four
The Siberian tiger (also known as the Amur, Korean, Manchurian, or North China tiger) is the largest and most
My day I had a wonderful holiday at spring festival . I went to the park with my friends . We met at eight o'c
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