Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Getting to Know
I think english is an enteresting language, So I like speak it very much ,Fpr me, I think listening to tapes a
请根据下面提示,编写一段题为“道歉”的对话。词数100-120。Mary Brown上课迟到了20分钟,她向Creen小姐表示歉意,并对迟到原因作了说明。原来,她在公共汽车站等车时,看到站在不远处的一位老人忽然昏倒在地。
Nowadays, there appears a phenomenon that the western customs are spreading into the east countries step by st
Dear Editor,I am a student of Shenzhen Middle School. Yesterday, we visit a deckle factory, this
我的理想是当一名歌唱家。还是小姑娘的时候,我就喜欢唱歌跳舞。我想我可以用歌声给人们带去欢乐。我相信,刻苦的学习、得当的方法和坚强的意志一定能使我的理想变为现实。 My ideal is to be a singer. I
爸爸是一个工作狂。除了工作,他就没有别的爱好。渐渐地,爸爸的身体开始吃不消了。我知道劳累过度不利于健康,因此决定每天帮助爸爸锻炼身体。我还制定了一个渐进式慢跑计划。到现在为止这个计划还很有效。Assist My Fath
Children should begin their formal schooling at an early agePeople have different views on what children shoul
Today is a good day for me! I'm very lucky to be a volunteer for Beijing Olympic. I worked hard to help the fo
My Favorite Animal Last year, my father bought a lovely pet for me. She has four white paws and a white and ye
A funny thing happened to me last Friday. I'd gone to London to do some shopping. I wanted to get some Christm
My winter vacation我的寒假During the winter vacation, nothing is different for my life. I wake up 11 o’clock Am ev
The technological advances of the last few years have been amazing. Never before have students had such a wide
Books Books are our good friends. When we began elementary school, we started our friendship with then,. They
I have a lot of wishes, get 500W lottery is my daydream. everyday I miss it. my school is very beautiful in su
As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coexist in our life. I don’t expect complete freedom
My name is Dongliang. I have two bright big eyes and long hair. All my friends said that Dongliang is the most
I usually eat at the food stand. I also like to try different stands to satisfy my taste buds, for there's a g
You'll need the following: a cup of water, a cup of sugar, four large eggs, two cups of dried fruit, a teaspoo
English has been the main subject for Chinese students. They have to learn it since primary school. But most p
奥运精神(The spirit of the Olympic Games) On August 8th,the Olympic Games started in Beijing. People from all over
Never Tell a Lie(不可撒谎)1.撒谎的危害;2.我的忠告。[写作导航]第一段引入话题,指出谎言总有被揭穿的时候,警告人们不要撒谎;第二段指出撒谎的危害,可用罗列法,列出诸如:不道德、良心受谴责、不被人信任
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled On Volunteering activiti
-【题目】 Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in th
吸烟有害(Smoking Is Harmful) It is said that about half of people in China smoke. Many young boys and girls have t
as our economy grows at a fever pitch, and more and more people are moving into the major cities and industria
Since the pre-historic times, man has had an urge to satisfy his needs. Be it hunger, shelter or search for a
My second-grade French teacher ruined my first experience learning a new language.At first we were only expect
On August 27, 2002, at the Central Institute of the Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group based in Beij
With the end of another college entrance examination, many students are going to enter the colleges after the
我最喜爱的人物(My favourite character)My favourite characters are Cinderella. Mulan and Snow White. The Cinderella is
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: What Should Childre
The desire for good health is universal. Especially nowadays, the possession of good health is regarded by nea
-诗歌鉴赏:天蝎座的情诗Heaven whispered into my ear,天堂之声传入我耳中That one day,就在那一天One special lady would come my way.一位特别的女人
About BeijingBeijing has a history of over 3,000 years with a population of nearly 13 million and a lot of pla
Dear Sir, I have learned from China Daily that your company is looking for a secretary who is fluent in Englis
Reluctance(不情愿) to have childrenAfter years of enthusiasm(热情) for more children, childbearing(分娩) is losing it
请病假(托人转交)【内容提示】假定你是李明,犯了胃病,需休息三天,不能去学校上课。请写一个假条,附上医生证明,托雷平同学转交你们班长。写假条时间为星期一早上。词数:30—40。【作文示范】Asking for Sick
我与父母【内容提示】父母对子女的关怀总是通过问寒问暖或无言的举动表达的。你的父母是怎样关心体贴你的健康、学习、生活的呢?请你写一篇短文,谈谈你的感受。【作文示范】My Parents and I“Enough! Enou
关于环境保护的Protect environment(环境保护) The earth scale change of climate has brought a new kind of natural disaster
I have a parrot. It's my favorite animal. Its name is Gaga because it always makes sounds like that. We picked
对于中国学生来说,英语四六级写作多种表达是一种综合运用英语的能力。从某一意义上说,多种表达也就是一句多译,其主要途径有:1、运用同义词语。如:“他上星期生病了”可译为:(1) He got ill last week.(
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