Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter of thanks. You should write at least 1
In the long history of China, drinking is an important part. We can say that the lives of Chinese people can n
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, fakes appear widely on the market, they range from m
"...5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Ignite! Go!" On October 15, 2003, China launched its first manned spacecraft into orbit from
Some People Like to Buy Books to Read, Other People Like to Borrow Books From Libraries or From Other People.
The Lunar New Year occasion to the Chinese people. It lasts about the first four days of the year, during whic
城乡贫富差距While china continue to amaze the outside world with its stories of rapid economic growth,the country's
在警察局里【内容提示】暑假期间,为了了解社会你参加了一次公安局对罪犯的审讯活动。被审讯的人是一名19岁的吸毒者。你旁听了公安人员和罪犯的对话后对这个年轻人很是惋惜。请你写一篇文章表达你的惋惜之情。【作文示范】At the
The USA education system has provided top notch resources and quality education for a variety of programs that
The Profit of Increasing Our Vocabulary(增加词汇量的好处)汉浯提示:请写一篇150字左右的文章,说明增加词汇量的好处。[写作导航]第一段可写增加词汇量是英语学习的难点,但好处却很多
During the hot summer we often go to the department store to enjoy the air-conditioning, to window-shop, and t
A Drawing ClassStudents are having a drawing class today. Five children are drawing some pictures on the black
Many of my classmates complain about their fathers, because they are busy all the time and barely have time to
A Mouse In My HouseThere is a mouse in my house.Mouse, mouse, I hate you.Don’t run to my bed.Don’t run to my b
How time flies ,I graduated from junior middle school several years ago.I miss my former classmates very much.
Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write
The giant panda is known as the national treasure of China. The panda was a kind of ordinary animal in China l
-The sixth of August was my mother's birthday. My father and I wanted to give her surprising birthday presents
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition about "A Few Remark on Competitio
睡姿与性格(Your Sleeping Position and Your Personality) Everyone has got two personalities--the one that is shown t
Often read western novels, and of course it has already been translated into Chinese. I didn’t think there wer
Telecommuting-- substituting the computer for the trip to the job ----has been hailed as a solution to all kin
假如你是李华,请你根据下图所示,给你的加拿大朋友Mickey写一封信,叙述暑期你和家人游览国家公园湖心岛的经历。 注意:1. 按照图中给出的顺序描述所有内容,可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 2. 开头和结尾已给出,但不计
What is the hottest topic this summer, there is no doubt that it belongs to the amusement show Where Do You Go
Human Life as a Poem I think that from a biological standpoint, human life almost reads like a poem. It hasits
My son Joey was born with club feet. The doctors assured us that with treatment he would be able to walk norma
一个梦想(A Dream) A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. With a dream in the deep heart's core, a man is sp
I like playing basketball .It’s very interesting . I often play it with my friends. It’s a team work.. Everyon
We can get information by using all kind of means, such as internet, books and our teacher. Among these, my fa
Dear ______ ,①There will be a ______(内容)at/in ______(地点)on ______(时间). ②We would be honored to have you there
Cycling in China Not more than a decade ago, the majority of young people and adults in China reached for thei
If you are a fan of tennis match, then the name Serena Williams will not be forgotten. Serena William is the b
how is everything coming?last week, my chinese friend mia took me to the ancestral temple of the chen family.
How To Deal With DepressionIn recent years,more and more people have suffered from depression.With the increas
浙江杭州中考英语满分作文:适当方式放松自己(浙江杭州)中学生学习时间长、压力大,专家建议学生每天课后应采取适当的方式放松自己。你代表班级在一次 "The Ways for Students to Relax"的学校座谈中
When I was five years old, I began to draw. It has been six years. I am intested in drawing because I can expr
-书信作文套句(3)结尾部分:Again, I would like to express our warm thanks to you.我想再次对你表示感谢。I am looking forward to a favo
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but
论幸福/理想/成功/满足类英语作文范文写作方式,请参考作文地带如下例子: 第一段:描述图画 As is vividly depicted in the cartoon, a panda and a dog are tal
Being An Honest Girl Last summer holiday, I went to the International English summer camp in Shanghai. On 24t
The table shows China import and export situation. The amount of imports and exports incresed steadily from 19
The Private CarThe topic of private car is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opi
感谢对本人的欢迎辞(演讲稿)【作文地带-内容提示】假定你们去英国某大学参观访问,并走访该校几位世界知名人士。你是参观团的领队。该校学生会组织了对你们的欢迎会。校长致过欢迎词后你要致答词。请你把答词写出来,内容如下: 女士
National heros always have marvellous reputations, After died miserablly. They died by a lot of reasons. Some
【内容提示】请为下面一篇文章写一段摘要: Impressions Made on Me by My First Visit to a Big Town I vividly recall my first visit, a
Supermarket—Convenient Shopping Area With the development of economy, people's living standard has been enormo
Hello, everyone! My name is Jiang Kaiwen and my English name is Star Emma. Why do I use “star” to be my surnam
I’m going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship。 then I’l
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